Aaron Wallace, Principal Product Manager, Pitney Bowes

Aaron Wallace

Principal Product Manager, Pitney Bowes

The Next Generation for Single View: Moving from the Static Grid to the Virtualized Graph

Business requirements such as the relatively new General Data Protection Regulation in Europe are driving a need to better understand customer data assets and where they reside within the organization. Businesses are collecting mountains of information about their customers that, when organized effectively, offers the potential to reduce regulatory and compliance risk.


Aaron Wallace is a Principal Product Manager for Customer Information Management at Pitney Bowes Software. He is based in Pitney’s Austin Texas office and has been with Pitney Bowes for 11 years. Aaron has 20+ years of experience in the Enterprise Software space, with 10 years experience in Enterprise Information Management and Data Quality, along with an extensive background in designing and building enterprise software across a number of verticals.