Andy Smale, Principal Consultant, KCOM

Andy Smale

Principal Consultant, KCOM

UK Rail Ticketing Assistance from the Graph Way

"The UK Rail network is complex with more than twenty operators managing over six thousand locations running thousands of different services and millions of products sold. The underlying systems are all being updated and KCOM are delivering the replacement Availability and Reservations Service with an engine built on top of Neo4j.

The challenge is to build a service capable of handling millions of requests per day with under 50 ms response times whilst maintaining a complex demand model to help the privatised rail companies maximise their revenue.


Andy Smale works for KCOM as the Principal Consultant for transport sector. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is a Certified Neo4j Architect as well as being a Graph Evangelist. KCOM are designing and delivering major systems for the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) who are responsible for Rail Ticketing and Settlement in the UK.