Brendan Madden, CEO, Tom Sawyer Software

Brendan Madden

CEO, Tom Sawyer Software

Powering Credit Risk Analysis with Graph Visualization: Equifax, Neo4j, and Tom Sawyer Software

Equifax, one of the largest credit check providers, significantly improved their credit risk analysis services by teaming up with Neo4j and Tom Sawyer Software to offer world-class graph visualizations.

Equifax specializes in corporate structure visualization and has immense amounts of data for their customers to wade through and understand. Their customers include major banks, auto lenders, investors, and others who are investigating complex topics such as credit history, credit risk, and the structures of sometimes very large companies. Their customers could be looking to analyze the risks of taking on a new company or trying to verify identities of certain executives.

For example, figuring out the particular ownership structure of a company or chain of companies is a daunting and critical task. Previously, this task could only be tackled by highly skilled analysts.

Equifax’s research to significantly improve their Corporate Structure Visualization application led them to Neo4j and Tom Sawyer Perspectives.

Neo4j’s well-supported, enterprise-level graph database impressed them, and it was a choice that would pay off. Queries ran significantly faster than before. Navigating connections, links, and relationships happened with unprecedented clarity, allowing users to digest the information in a much more organized and timely fashion.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives provided Equifax with the sophisticated server-side architecture they needed for visualizing graph data from Neo4j, resulting in a substantial boost in speed and efficiency. Searching massive data stores now happened in minutes, rather than hours, and the results presented in an intuitive and sophisticated drawing view, complete with complex filtering and grouping options.

Now, with their credit risk analysis application powered by Neo4j and Tom Sawyer Perspectives, single and bulk searches are conducted using Neo4j, and that data is visualized with Tom Sawyer Perspectives where it can then be grouped and filtered according to the user’s needs.

The application uses a Spring/JSP-based web application that connects to a Neo4j database, in addition to other web sources. Cypher query language is used to query their Neo4j database. They then run complex queries on their Neo4j databases and input the resulting XML into their Tom Sawyer Perspectives data model.

Thanks to the improvements to their Corporate Structure Visualization application powered by Neo4j and Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Equifax now conducts credit risk analysis more easily and quickly, with more employees who require less skill and training. The application also makes identity verification, fraud, credit risk, and credit history easier to assess.

This presentation features speakers from Equifax and Tom Sawyer Software demonstrating Equifax’s Corporate Structure Visualization application. They’ll also discuss what is under the hood that makes the application a superior solution for Equifax.

See a video overview of the Corporate Structure Visualization application here.


Brendan Madden founded Tom Sawyer Software in 1992 and has since developed the company into a leading global provider of high-performance graph and data visualization and analysis systems. He is highly interested that the company does top quality work, and under his expert guidance, Tom Sawyer Software has received accolades for excellence in component-based software technology development from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Brendan brings his highly specialized knowledge of the software industry and intricate knowledge of other industry sectors to make invaluable contributions to the business strategy, product direction, operations, marketing, and worldwide sales of Tom Sawyer Software. With nearly thirty years of experience, Brendan is one of the world's foremost experts in graph and data visualization, graph layout, and graph analysis. He is also an expert in user experience and software architecture.

Prior to founding Tom Sawyer Software, Brendan was employed at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, the IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory, and Vitalink Communications.

Brendan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Ithaca College. He attended graduate school in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University.