Chuck Calio, Offering Manager Open Database / AI solutions on IBM Power Systems, IBM

Chuck Calio

IBM Power Systems, IBM

A Recursive Case study — Using Neo4j to Design High Performance Processors for Neo4j

Learn how IBM is using Neo4j to design the next generation of IBM Power Systems processors (POWER9), and how IBM leverages Neo4j for the design of its industry leading CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) Accelerator technology.

This talk will provide a deeper understanding of how these programs have enabled leading edge-scaling, performance and price-performance advantages for Neo4j workloads. IBM's experts will also be available to help answer any questions you have on supporting running Neo4j graphs of huge size and scale.


Chuck Calio is a Distinguished IBM IT Specialist and the IBM Power Systems Offering Manager for Modern Data Platforms and Cognitive solutions. Chuck has 36 years of experience designing and delivering IT solutions for IBM. Chuck is based out of the New York area and has a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.