Clark Richey, CTO, FactGem

Clark Richey

CTO, FactGem

Lightning Talk: Extend the Power of Neo4j with Stored Procedures and APOC

This talk will introduce crucial aspects of Neo4j stored procedures, which are a powerful and easy-to-implement feature made available in Neo4j 3.0. However, to take full advantage of this new capability, developers need to understand the fundamentals of stored procedures in Neo4j. This talk provides those fundamentals, complete with code examples and benchmarks in order to demonstrate the differences between the REST, embedded and BOLT APIs vs stored procedures; common database access patterns that benefit from stored procedures; the performance benefits of stored procedures; and the basics of creating a stored procedure.


Clark is the Chief Technology Officer of FactGem, a company dedicated to making graph technology accessible. He is a Neo4j certified developer and has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in computer science. Clark has spent much of his career designing and implementing applications for use in the defense and intelligence sector.