Jose Manuel Villa Rodriguez, Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism

José Manuel Villa Rodriguez

SCIJ, Columbia University

INVESTIGRAPH: Using Neo4j for Investigative Journalism

The Panama Papers opened our eyes to the idea of using graph data for journalism to find stories within big data. Since then, investigative journalists have found innovative ways to use graph data to map out investigations, and match it with publicly available information to find leads and invisible connections. This session will explore what works, what hasn’t worked and where we hope this technology will take us.


Originally from Mexico, he spent six years in Japan, first as a student and later started working there in the financial industry, where he labored for 11 years (And five months. And three days.) He transferred to NYC in 2007, just as the financial crisis exploded, and witnessed its development from inside Wall Street. This and other experiences contributed to his growing interest in investigative and data journalism and, in 2016, he left the financial world to join the Columbia Journalism School.