Petra Selmer, Neo4j Engineer

Petra Selmer

Neo4j Engineer

openCypher: Multiple-Graph Analytics with Neo4j and Cypher for Apache Spark

The openCypher project aims to turn the Cypher graph query language into an open, collaborative standard. The first openCypher Implementers Meeting (oCIM) at SAP's headquarters in February 2017 drew over 35 attendees from around ten companies and research groups. There are new features coming in Cypher, some of them already making it into the Neo4j product, others still in design. One big topic is "multiple graphs" – how to make Cypher a composable language that takes graphs in and pushes graphs out. This is a natural fit for graph analytic processing in the Apache Spark environment. Hear about transactions and analytics with Cypher, Neo4j and Spark, i.e., the future of graph data management.


Petra Selmer is a member of our engineering team. For her doctoral program, she is working on a language that allows for slight imprecisions, so users can explore complex domains without having to get everything exactly right in their queries. For many years, she worked as a consultant and developer in a variety of different settings and roles. Petra is South African and is working in Neo's London office.