• Opening Keynote - Emil Eifrem, CEO, Neo Technology
  • Trekking Boldly into the Future - Jim Webber, Neo Technology
  • Intro to GC - Rik Van Bruggen and Holger Temme
  • How the ICIJ Used Neo4j to Unravel the Panama Papers - Mar Cabra
  • IoT: Where do Graphs fit with Business Requirements - Andy Mulholland, Constellation Research
  • Using a Graph Data Model at Toy Manufacturer Schleich- Dr Andreas Weber
  • Graph Data to Stakeholder Viewpoint - Emel Dogrusoz, Tom Sawyer Software
  • RBS: Inside the Spider’s Web: Dependency Management with Neo4j
  • Enterprise Data Management with Graphs - Axel Morgner, structr
  • WayBlazer Cognitive Conversion Application Powered by Watson & Neo4j - Ivan Portilla, IBM
  • How Go and Neo4j enabled the FT to Deliver at Speed - Dan Murphy, Financial Times
  • Data Mgmt in Systems Biology & Medicine - Irina Balaur, EISBM
  • Graphs Helps Deliver our Strategic Vision - Gregory Roberts, Packt
  • The Power of Business Leader Networks -Tilo Walter, Kantwert
  • Tuning Your Cypher - Mark Needham and Petra Selmer
  • Importing Data - Mark Needham and Michael Hunger
  • Neo4j 3.0 Language Drivers - Nigel Small and Stefan Plantikow
  • Building Spring Data Neo4j 4.1 Applications Like A Superhero - Luanne Misquitta
  • Moving Graphs into Production at Scale - Ian Robinson
  • Data Science and Recommendations - Nicole White
  • NoSQL Polyglot Persistence: Tools and Integrations - William Lyon
  • Digitalization and Optimizing Business Performance at Hästens - Kent Lovestjärna/Anders Ekström
  • Building Consumer Trust through Transparency, Compliance and Sustainability in the Food Industry - Julien Mazerolle and Julien Durand, Trace One
  • Faster Lap Times with Neo4j - Srinivas Suravarapu
  • Who Cares What Beyonce Ate for Lunch? - Alicia Powers, PhD, Fino Consulting





About GraphConnect Europe

Now it its third year, GraphConnect Europe has attracted an array of speakers from the developer community as well as from leading organizations across Europe, such as Lufthansa, the adidas Group, Orange, Telenor and many more.

Check out the videos from 2013 and 2015 to experience the rich variety of talks we’ve featured at past GraphConnect Europe events.

In 2016, GraphConnect Europe will be bigger and better, offering three parallel tracks that serve developers, DBAs, project managers, architects and IT Executives (all the way up to the CIO).


As the host of GraphConnect, Neo Technology, Inc. is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone.
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