24 Oct 2017 New York

Connecting the World of Graphs

GraphConnect New York

24 October, 2017 · Pier 36 NYC

GraphConnect focuses on the rapidly growing world of graph technology, and features Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. GraphConnect New York – held at Manhattan's premier event space Pier 36 – will open its doors to developers, architects, technical managers, directors and CTOs.

On four stages, global enterprises as well as mid-size companies and startups will present their Neo4j use cases and implementation results, covering diverse topics such as MDM, fraud prevention, recommendation engines, network and IT management, graph search, knowledge base management and more.

General inquiries about GraphConnect New York, please contact graphconnect@neo4j.com.

GraphConnect Highlights

Advance your Neo4j skills with training on Oct 23rd. Learn more →


Neo4j Partners showcase their products and services in our exhibition hall.


Neo4j experts available for one-on-one advice on graph databases and more.


Join us for our annual GraphConnect Hackathon.


Celebrate graph databases with peers, new partners and the Neo4j team


The agenda is currently underway with the Call for Papers. In the meantime, please view the GraphConnect Europe 2017 Agenda.

Open Call for Papers

We are looking for talks on your Neo4j project or related technology: technical deep dives to business solutions. View GraphConnect Europe 2017 Agenda to see the breadth of graph topics covered last year.

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Pier 36 NYC

299 South Street, New York NY 10002
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Fantastic opportunity to see that graphs rule the world ;)
Liliana Ziolek PURR Consulting Ltd
The most important conference about one of the most powerful technologies
Alberto de Lazzari Veneto Banca SPA
A great opportunity to catch up and make new connections.
Dan Murphy Financial Times
Neo4j Training @ GraphConnect

Exclusive to GraphConnect attendees, get beginning to advanced training from Neo4j experts.

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Neo4j Training @ GraphConnect

Hands-on Training with Neo4j Experts

Open to GraphConnect Attendees only

Monday, October 23, 2017
Convene, 810 Seventh Ave, NYC

Alongside GraphConnect New York we are offering a wide array of trainings for participants. No matter if you are just starting with Neo4j and want to explore graphs for the first time or if you are a seasoned Neo4j developer who wants to dig deeper into Cypher queries, we have you covered.

Neo4j Fundamentals – all day

Level: Beginner

This course builds a foundation of graph database knowledge and teaches the core functionality of Neo4j. With a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions, you will quickly learn how easy it is to work with a powerful graph database using Cypher as the query language. We'll also look at how to get you up and running with your first graph-based application.

Prerequisites: You don’t need any previous experience with Neo4j, NoSQL databases or specific development languages.

Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j – all day

Level: Intermediate

This course teaches how to design and implement a graph data model and associated queries. With a mixture of instruction and hands-on practice sessions, you'll learn how to apply the property graph model to solve common modeling problems using a real life dataset. You'll also learn how to evolve an existing graph in a controlled manner to support new or changing requirements.

Prerequisites: You will need some familiarity with Neo4j and the Cypher graph query language in particular. The material from the Intro to Neo4j course is sufficient knowledge to understand this course.

Advanced Cypher Queries Training – all day

Level: Advanced

This course will build upon your existing knowledge of the Cypher graph query language and set you on the path to mastery. We'll be working with a real life dataset and will spend much of the session writing and performance tuning increasingly complex queries. You will be intimately familiar with the Cypher query profiler and Cypher's internals by the end of the session!

Prerequisites: You will need to be familiar with Neo4j, especially with writing Cypher queries.

Building a Recommendation Engine with Neo4j – all day

Level: Intermediate

This course teaches you how to build a real-time recommendation engine from the ground up. We'll use a real-life dataset and combine content-based and collaborative filtering techniques to come up with a multi-faceted recommendation engine. You'll learn how to evolve recommendation queries as new questions are asked of the data and how to optimise your queries for maximum performance.

Prerequisites: You will need some familiarity with Neo4j and the Cypher graph query language in particular.

Advanced Neo4j Deployment – all day

Level: Advanced

This course will teach you how to get up and running with Neo4j in production. With hands-on practice sessions, attendees will quickly learn how easy it is to deploy and maintain a Neo4j instance and cluster. We'll cover basic operational concerns such as backup, restore and monitoring.

Prerequisites: You will need some familiarity with Neo4j and the Cypher graph query language in particular.

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